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Friendly/Relaxed Environment!

Our clinic is a welcoming and relaxing environment, ready to help you unwind from your busy schedule.

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Professionally Trained and Experienced!

• Members of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)

• Members of Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM)

• Graduates from Professional Institutions.

• CPR certified.

Registered Massage Therapists (RMT)

Registered Massage Therapists Manitoba Massage Therapist Association of Manitoba Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association

All Therapists at Back In Motion have completed extensive training, are members of professional associations, insured and licensed in the City of Winnipeg.

  • Lindsay Craig (Peterson), RMT - Owner Operator
  • Graduated in 1999 from Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Winnipeg. Established Back in Motion in 2001 and is a co-owner. Lindsay is a full time therapist and specializes in deep tissue massage. She works full time Sunday-Thursday. Direct billing to Blue Cross. Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

  • Staci Brelinski (Goodman), RMT - Owner Operator - Manager
  • Graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2006. After school, Staci joined Back in Motion. In 2009 she became part owner/manager of Back in Motion. She loves working full time experiencing in deep tissue and relaxation massage. Staci direct bills to Canada Life and Manitoba Blue Cross, and is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

  • Chantal Beck, RMT
  • Graduated in 1995 from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. Chantal’s previous experience includes workings in a naturopathic clinic, chiropractic office as well as a spa setting throughout her massage therapy career. She works full time Tuesday to Saturday and is experienced in deep tissue and relaxation massage as well as trigger point work. Direct billing to Blue Cross and Canada Life. Member of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM).

  • Dana Proctor, RMT
  • Dana started out as a practicum student at Back In Motion and began working full time after she graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapies in 2016. She is trained in Swedish Massage, Advanced Therapeutic Massage, and has also taken secondary courses in Rib Mobilization, Hot stone massage, and Lymphatic Breast Massage. Though full body wellness is always her objective; Dana applies her focus to dysfunctions related to the Cervical Spine, TMJ, Ribs, and Shoulders. Dana works during the week and weekend, with appointments ranging from mid morning to evening; a registered member of MTAM ( Manitoba Therapy Association of Manitoba), Dana does direct billling to Blue Cross as well as Canada Life

  • Gabriel Shin, RMT
  • Graduated from Robertson College in 2020 with his remedial massage therapy diploma. He enjoys an assessment-based approach for his treatments along with his expertise in acute and chronic repetitive injury treatment, sports rehabilitation, manual stretching, myofascial treatment, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques, NMT, JM,TMJ, IASTM, Swedish massage, and joint mobilizations. He provides an individualized-treatment plan that is tailored specifically to client’s needs and goals. His next educational intentions are to specialize in TCM . He is certified in cupping, soft tissue release, pre and post sports performance massages, on-site injury, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology at University of Manitoba in 2011.

  • Jhana Oquialda, RMT
  • Graduated from Wellington College and joined Back in Motion in 2010. Since graduating she also has joined the outreach division of Wellington College, where she observes future massage therapists. Jhana is trained in Swedish Massage, Therapeutic/ Deep Tissue Massage and other Advanced techniques. Jhana is looking to specialize in breast massage for women who have had a mastectomy, breast implants, and nursing/breast feeding moms. Jhana direct bills with Canada Life and Blue Cross. Jhana works Monday to Thursday 3-9pm, Friday till 5 and some weekends. If you'd like to book with Jhana please call the clinic, leave a message and she will personally call you and schedule you in promptly.

  • Kelsey Sinclair, RMT
  • Kelsey Graduated from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2010 and is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Cupping Massage. Kelsey started her career working closely alongside physiotherapists which piqued her interest in alternative healing. Kelsey then trained in Costa Rica and became a Yoga Instructor completing 200 hours. She offers private Yoga sessions to help work through an injury, condition (ex. Anxiety, depression, digestive) or for those who just prefer the extra attention a one on one session can provide. Kelsey works Mon-Fri (morning and evening) for massage and Saturday morning for yoga. Member of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM) and the Yoga alliance. Direct billing to Blue Cross and Canada Life.

  • Pamela Fernandez, RMT
  • Pamela is a registered Massage Therapist for the past 5 years and graduated from Wellington College. Pamela specializes in deep tissue, prenatal, trigger point therapy and cupping. She customizes her massages to your individual needs, and has a very caring, professional presense. Pamela works Sunday to Thursday and direct bills to Manitoba Blue Cross and Canada Life. Member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

  • Rob Kokesch, RMT
  • Rob is a 2017 graduate of the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba who finds fulfillment in helping people restore their sense of wellness through compassionate care and guidance. With a diverse set of skills that include Swedish Massage, Myofascial Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint Mobilization, PNF Stretches, and Muscle Energy Techniques, he is able to address a wide range of therapeutic needs in a calming and careful manner. One of his greatest strengths is being a peaceful presence who provides a comfortable and safe place to work through the challenges life presents. Whether your reason for coming to the clinic is seeking help with chronic pain, an unexpected injury, or needing support in dealing with stress and anxiety, Rob will devote the attention required to help you on your way.

  • Shannon Storozuk, RMT
  • Graduated in 1999 from Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Winnipeg. After school, she worked at a massage therapy clinic on Corydon before becoming one of the co-founders of Back in Motion in March 2001. Massage therapist experienced in deep tissue and relaxation massage. She also completed the International Association of Infant Massage Course to assist families in massaging children from birth to toddlers. Direct billing to Blue Cross and Canada Life. Member of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM).

Acupuncturist and Chinese Doctor

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association

Fourth generation Chinese Doctor specializing in traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Dr. Jing Liu - Owner Operator
  • Dr Jing Liu is a member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada, graduated from Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University in China. She was instructed by a famous Chinese Medicine professor in Shandong province. She has six years practicing modern medicine theory to diagnose diseases and treat patients with Acupuncture, Infra-Red Heat, Chinese herbs, Chinese Massage, Cupping, and Ear Points. Jing is a fourth generation TCM doctor, born into a respected medical family with both her mother and father being renowned doctors themselves. She brings to the center an incredible wealth of tradition and knowledge bestowed by her education and family. Jing’s areas of expertise include the diagnosis of symptoms, preparation of herbal medicine specific to the individual and the treatment of systematic pathologies through acupuncture. Dr. Jing Liu is a member of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC).


  • Dr.France Fieber DC
  • Dr.France moved to friendly Manitoba in 2007 after obtaining her doctorate in Chiropractic at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Qc). She enjoys taking care of people of all ages ranging from newborn to 90 years young! She has a special interest providing care for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy as well as post-delivery. Depending on the individual’s needs and comfort level, she uses different techniques from instrument adjusting, Thompson-drop table, diversified manual and some soft tissue therapy. She has a passion to help people improve their quality of life and values the benefits of a healthier spine & optimal nervous system function.

  • Dr. Christine DC, B.Sc
  • Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Dr. Christine graduated with a BSc in Human Biology in 1994 and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National College of Chiropractic in Illinois in 1996, moved to Winnipeg in 1997 and has called it home ever since. A trusted professional with decades of experience in different areas of chiropractic care, she is excited about bringing her knowledge to her private practice at Back In Motion Wellness.

    Dr. Christine’s passion is in personalized wellness care focusing on whole-body health beginning with the musculoskeletal and nervous system. She also appreciates that people want to play a part in improving their own health and enjoys sharing and advising with her patients in ways that are easy to understand. She is a compassionate, caring, and skilled chiropractor and an excellent listener and communicator, providing comfort to her patients, who feel reassured and confident while under her care. Whether you're seeking relief from discomfort, looking to prevent future issues, or aiming to optimize your overall health, she's dedicated to understanding your specific needs and creating a care plan just for you.

    Dr. Christine uses a variety of chiropractic techniques including hands-on manual adjusting and activator techniques among others, soft tissue therapies, and behavioural/lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve your wellness goals. She also believes it takes a village and she looks forward to working with you and your other health care providers when necessary to help you in achieving your best health.

Athletic Therapy

Canadian Athletic Therapists Association

  • Katherin Sandfuchs B.Sc. CAT(C)
  • Katherin has recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy. She received numerous awards and scholarships based on her academic proficiency. Katherin is very excited to bring a brand new service to Back in Motion Wellness, Athletic Therapy. She looks forward to being a part of Back in Motion’s one-on-one philosophy which involves her blend of hands on techniques and exercise rehabilitation. Katherin has many hobbies and interests. They include horseback riding, camping/hiking and a bit of a foodie. Professionally she has worked with Football Manitoba, Winnipeg High School Football League, and AAA hockey.

    Tuesdays 10am - 2pm
    Thursdays 3pm – 7pm
    Friday and Saturdays 3pm - 7pm (alternating days)

Reflexologist, Flower Essence, Indian Head Massage

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association

  • Rositha Jeanson, RCRT
  • Rositha brings to Back In Motion a wide variety of therapies. Her passion for the past ten years has been flower essences. She has taken Level I, II, and III from the Bach Center and is well qualified as a flower essence practitioner. Foot Reflexology Teacher with RAC. Active member of the Flower Essence Society in California and the Manitoba Herb Society. She has also been a certified reflexologist and member of Reflexology Association of Canada for several years. She has certification in Indian Head Massage which has been popular throughout India for over a thousand years. She can make personal blends of essential oils and offers her own therapeutic bath salts. Other therapies include rain drop therapy.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Alliance Canada

  • Kelsey Sinclair
  • Kelsey is a certified yoga instructor and member of the Yoga Association. Kelsey offers Private One on One sessions and Personalized Yoga programs designed for your needs.